Origin Cargo Management (OCM)

A Big-Picture View of Your Supply Chain 

Origin Cargo Management (OCM) is a key factor in managing your international supply chains and sourcing strategies. A properly managed Origin Cargo Management strategy will reduce overstock at your warehouses, optimize your domestic transportation and improve your stock availability and lead times. Partnered with our NVO capabilities, DEX International Logistics' Origin Cargo Management team offer you an unparalleled advantage in creating lean import supply chain solutions.

Taking a global view of your operations we are expert in devising improvements that save you time and money. Our complete range of Origin Cargo Management services include:



    1. Purchase order management 

    2. Regulatory compliance review 


    3. Vendor management, seminars and education 

    4. Cargo consolidation management 

    5. Supply chain metrics and automation 

    6. Origin Cargo Management visibility systems 

    7. Value-added services











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