A True Global Warehouse Network


DEX International  Logistics operates an extensive network of warehouse facilities across the U.S. Committed to our in-house Five "S" Quality Pledge (Safety, Savings, Sanitation, Standards, Satisfaction), we work to maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our business, always innovating to create advantage for you.


We remain at the forefront of the global warehousing business by offering a comprehensive package

of warehousing services:


     1. A proven account startup process

      2.  Reverse Logistics

     3. Supply chain design, analysis, and optimization

      4.  Dynamic inventory optimization

     5.  Production flow control

     6.  Cutting-edge visibility systems

      7. Transportation network analysis

     8. Experienced warehousing and trans-loading operations teams

      9.  Excellent vendor relationships that drive competitive rates and services

      10. State-of-the-art systems (WMS, web visibility, trans-loading)











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