DEX International Logistics understand the unique requirements of chemical shipments. Maximum control of your processes and costs. Visibility at every step.  A clearer view of your shipments and fast, up-to-date information you can rely on. To ensure your cargo is safe and secure.


We offer global logistics and transportation management services to the chemical industry.


A partner with a proven track record. And a commitment to providing exceptional value.


One-Stop Solution for the movement of your cargo from plant to final destination. A resource with a strong reputation, compliance history and safety ratings within the chemical industry.  Staff experienced in HazMat management, responsive and thorough at every stage.


       1. Warehousing where you need it, to the most exacting specifications

       2. Regulatory compliance support in chemical-specific transport modes (Isotanks, drums, IBCs / totes, bulk parcel tanker forwarding)

       3. Safety, security and environmental awareness in the Chemical supply chain

       4. Solutions to meet current and future sustainability goals

       5. Minizing enviromental risk and maximizing safety and performance











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